What is CapTrue?

CapTrue is software for Microsoft Windows for creating desktop screenshots in easy manner. It behaves just like your Print Screen button, but allows you to do more in a single keypress.

Result with CapTrue Result without CapTrue
Screenshot made with CapTrue Screenshot made with another application

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Key features:



21 March 2009 - Thumbnailer 1.7 has been released. Embedding thumbnails into video files has been discontinued in this version.
05 March 2009 - Thumbnailer Lite, the set of Windows Explorer extensions for easy thumbnail embedding has been released.
04 March 2009 - CapTrue Thumbnailer has been renamed to Thumbnailer Plugin
06 January 2009 - Thumbnailer 1.6 has been released. Thumbnails are automatically assigned to video files. Download Thumbnailer 1.6